Managing Stroke using AI in rural India

Physician using Qure’s AI to detect Stroke
Physicians using Qure’s solution in Emergency Rooms
  • Qure is tackling artificial intelligence (AI) challenges in the healthcare industry, advancing digital healthcare through medical imaging AI solutions.
  • On AWS, we are using EC2 for heavy processing and easy scalability.
  • AWS provides us with 99.8% SLA which improves our performance. We have automated backups and failover in real-time.
  • Our data is stored in S3 for better security, scalability, performance and data availability. Also, we have RDS for database reliability.
  • We are using cloudtrail which monitors and records account activity throughout AWS infrastructure.
  • We have AWS WAF which is a web application firewall at the perimeter level to secure our web apps & APIs against malicious traffic, web exploits, botnets, etc.
  • AWS environment complies with data privacy and security guidelines.



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Qure AI

Qure AI

10 Followers is a breakthrough AI solution provider that is disrupting the radiology ‘status quo’ by enhancing imaging accuracy and improving health outcomes.